How to update the progress of a block

Needs detailed explanation of what Progress actually is. Subjective v Structured, workforce effort etc.

How to update the progress of a block

1. On the leaf block, click the pen icon.

edit block cog

2. On the progress bar, click the red target (shown below) then drag the progress bar either left or right.

quick update block progress

3. When the progress is at the desired position, click save tick to save, or click exit cross to exit without saving.

1. On the leaf, click the cog icon.

edit block cog pen
Progress menu link

2. Click the Progress link from the left hand menu.

3. From this screen you can view the overview and history of this block, and update its progress.

update progress highlights


  • use the + and – buttons to increase or decrease the Current Progress percentage, or

  • type a percentage figure in the box.

4. Enter a comment that describes the update, and then click Update.

The block has now been updated, and the progress has been rolled up to the block(s) above.