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Silver Fern Farms success story

Take a moment to read the success story for Silver Fern Farms to learn more about the business issues they faced and how implementing StrategyBlocks was able to effectively resolve these issues.

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Silver Fern Farms:
success story

StrategyBlocks has given us unprecedented visibility into the tens of millions we spend across various projects companywide. That kind of insight has proven invaluable in helping to make targeted, effective business decisions that impact the company in the best ways possible.
Dean Fraser, Enterprise Programme Manager, Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms

Silver Fern Farms is a leading procurement processor and marketer of high-end, red meat protein, exporting products to countries all over the world. Founded in 1948, the company has a long standing tradition of providing grass fed, all natural beef, lamb and venison to premium restaurants and grocery chains across the globe.

As a leader in the industry, Silver Fern Farms has set new standards in industry innovation, technology and marketing.

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  • Over $2.3 billion in annual revenue

  • Partners with more than 16,000 sheep, cow and deer farmers

  • Employs over 7,000 people

  • Produces 30% of all New Zealand lamb, beef and venison

The Problem

I was familiar with Microsoft tools and other big name solutions, but it’s not like I could call up Bill Gates on the phone and ask him to make the necessary tweaks that would work for my business. StrategyBlocks offered something completely different. I could ring up the company – and I did – and managing director Craig Catley and I spent a day building out the solution to meet our very specific needs.
Dean Fraser, Enterprise Programme Manager, Silver Fern Farms

The Solution

StrategyBlocks 4.0 is an intuitive SaaS solution, designed for strategic planning, management and execution, that allows companies to become more agile across the entire strategic lifecycle.

StrategyBlocks connects a company to its ideas in a highly visual way, increasing overall business agility and allowing much greater and more powerful insight into success metrics and growth opportunities than ever before.

It’s proprietary ‘Cascading Metric’ system simplifies KPI reporting and metrics, removing redundancies and inefficiencies and giving an organization an unprecedented, 360 degree view into business intelligence and operations.

StrategyBlocks enables a more dynamic organization, updating data in real time and ensuring complex executive reports are immediately accessible. The flexible nature of the solution allows clients to customize their dashboards, tailor the platform’s functionality and manually input their own metrics, all to fit within each organization’s unique requirements.

The Result

Shortly after he began working with Silver Fern Farms, Fraser took StrategyBlocks out for a test drive and imagined all that the cloud-based solution could do for his organization. He spent a day working with the StrategyBlocks team to push the levels of the platform’s capabilities, and together they designed the ultimate solution for Silver Fern Farms.

StrategyBlocks’ flexible and intuitive architecture made the transitions seamless, and now Silver Fern Farms has the right solution to provide visibility across the tens of millions of dollars they have invested and allocated for various projects.

“We have 200 cascading blocks, known as ‘parent’ blocks, with another 400 ‘child’ blocks underneath. This allows us to see where we are with projects at any given moment – where things are looking good, or where they might be falling behind,” said Fraser.

StrategyBlocks is designed from end-to-end to be visual-first, so there is very little research or drilling down that needs to happen in order to know how a project is progressing.
Dean Fraser, Enterprise Programme Manager, Silver Fern Farms


The team has been operational with StrategyBlocks for a little over three months, and already Silver Fern Farms is seeing changes as more employees engage with it. The platform doesn’t require heavily involved IT, specialists or super users to train teams how to use it, saving the company another layer of expense.

“The best thing about StrategyBlocks is how simple it is to use. When you work at a large organization like Silver Fern Farms, you have employees at all levels of technical and IT ability. It’s difficult to try and train them all, but StrategyBlocks’ visual platform made it much easier to understand, and it’s so intuitive to use,” said Fraser.

The Future

StrategyBlocks’ org charts give the entire strategic map a dynamic perspective. Within a second I can see what’s on track and what’s not by color, and we can easily update things via click and drag. In my 10+ years of evaluating business solutions, I have yet to find any tool that is as user friendly as StrategyBlocks.
Dean Fraser, Enterprise Programme Manager, Silver Fern Farms

Moving forward, in the next 6-12 months Fraser hopes to have all employees familiar and actively using StrategyBlocks, ensuring it is fully embedded within the business. He’s looking forward to additional development from StrategyBlocks, such as added functionality around risk and APIs, that will help it work seamlessly across all existing business tools.

“What I love most about StrategyBlocks is their willingness and capability to continue to deliver a progressive solution that meets today’s business needs,” said Fraser. “I look forward to a long term relationship, and helping to personalize a product for Silver Fern Farms that moves from awesome into uber-awesome.”