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Geneva Centre for Autism success story

Take a moment to read the success story for Geneva Centre for Autism to learn more about the business issues they faced and how implementing StrategyBlocks was able to effectively resolve these issues.

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Geneva Centre for Autism:
success story

These days, organisations of every size and shape are looking to improve their operational processes and prove their value to stakeholders. No organisation is too large or too small to be affected by this trend, as people expect a higher level of information than ever before.

This is certainly a trend which Geneva Centre for Autism, based in Toronto, was beginning to see in their operations. To build greater connections across their organisation and introduce quantifiable key performance indicators (KPIs), they turned to StrategyBlocks.

Geneva Centre for Autism

Geneva Centre for Autism is one of the world’s leading providers of services around Autism Spectrum Disorder. The organisation offers specific hands-on therapy to children and young adults, along with education and support management for parents.

In addition to their considerable presence in a face-to-face setting, Geneva Centre is also home to a growing online presence. By running online modules, Geneva Centre is able to reach a whole new audience, while also increasing the complexity of the organisation.

Although based in Canada, Geneva Centre has a global audience, with their expertise increasingly being called upon by individuals and groups across a number of different countries.

The scope of these operations has also increased rapidly, beginning as a short summer camp for children with autism back in 1974. From there, the organisation has grown considerably, alongside the range of services they offer.

As a social service provider we have not paid as much attention to tracking our strategy. I think we developed strategic plans for where we wanted to go but we didn’t necessarily break it down into specific tactics and then track those tactics
Debbie Irish CEO, Geneva Centre for Autism

What strategic challenges have arisen?

How StrategyBlocks
helped Geneva Centre

By setting up senior managers with StrategyBlocks, Geneva Centre was able to provide an overview of the most important aspects of their organisation to those who needed it most. This level of oversight was new for Geneva Centre, and provided a further level of clarity for their operations.

For stakeholders, this also means having a greater level of information about the operations of Geneva Centre. Without StrategyBlocks, it would be much harder to demonstrate the successes that the organisation has reached.


By incorporating StrategyBlocks into their operations, Geneva Centre has been able to realise a new level of oversight and attention to detail for their operations.

Now, Geneva Centre has reached a new level of support for its long-term direction from managers and, in particular, stakeholders who now have a much better idea of how different projects are progressing.

I think [StrategyBlocks] really helped us to think in terms of how to break down a large measure into smaller components and then what elements do we want to measure to tell us whether we are tracking to where we want to be.

[StrategyBlocks] is very intuitive, I am very surprised by how well it has been adopted by employees with different technical skills – this has been very encouraging.”
Debbie Irish CEO, Geneva Centre for Autism