StrategyBlocks Wins Big at Golden Bridge Awards with Four Awards!


August has been a great month on the awards front for StrategyBlocks. Today, we’re pleased to share the news that we won not one, but FOUR awards from the Golden Bridge Awards:

  • Gold in Collaboration and Web 2.0 tools
  • Silver in Cloud Computing/SaaS Innovations
  • Bronze in Best Product, Service or Innovation of the Year
  • Bronze in Innovations in IT Software

The Golden Bridge Business awards were created to honor and generate industry wide recognition of the achievements and positive contributions of organizations and businesses worldwide in every area.


“Companies are always trying to provide the best products and services to their customers. When they listen to their customer needs, they are able to build better products and provide better services. We call this building bridges that connect the companies and customers together. And if that bridge could benefits both, it must be a golden bridge.”


We, at StrategyBlocks, are continuously learning from our customers. Always looking to improve the product, we make changes based on customer feedback on an ongoing basis as we believe truly innovative software never stops improving.

Every element of our user interface has been modified and tuned to make the user experience more intuitive. It has been given huge upgrades with deep customization options, new reporting capabilities, and new features to simplify KPI reporting and monitoring. The entire platform is based around how the user wants to see their data, what looks appealing to the eye, and how best we consume and digest information.

StrategyBlocks is a complete, fully integrated system that allows for the consistent communication of ideas across disparate departments and locations, encouraging participation and contribution at all levels.

If you would like to find out how StrategyBlocks’ award-winning solution can help your organization to become more agile and aligned across the entire strategic lifestyle, contact us, or book an online demo today.