Is technology related change the key to business success?


The enterprise world is littered with technology-driven solutions that have been around for some time. Whether it’s server infrastructure or word processing packages, upgrading the entire company to the latest and greatest offerings can prove a costly exercise.

However, while it’s easy for an organization to get set in its ways to some extent, changes and innovation in the way the company leverages technology will likely breed success.

Technology and growth mechanisms

In Gartner’s latest CEO and Senior Business Executive Survey the research company revealed that more of the high-level decision makers within big businesses are shifting their focus from an interest in growth, to the technology mechanisms that can create it.

“When we examine the subtext of the responses [to the survey], the purpose of CEOs’ interest in technology becomes immediately obvious. Over half of the responses relate to revenue-and growth-related technology issues,” explained Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner fellow.

Business intelligence and analytics were also high on the priority for C-suite executives, as the added focus on finding the most defined insights to pour back into the strategic management of the enterprise will continue well into 2016.

Digital security risks

As technology continues to fundamentally change the way that companies carry out business, the increased security risks and cyberthreats that more intricate IT infrastructure can present are being noted by high-level employees.

However, the level of capital needed to see off the most complex issues is leaving organizations in a precarious position. In Gartner’s survey, 65 per cent of 400 respondents maintained that ‘investment in risk management practices is not keeping up with new and higher levels of risk’.

While technology isn’t the be-all and end-all when it comes to tackling threats, there can be little denying that companies will benefit from investing in more innovative practices. When twinned with the role that digital infrastructure can play across the wider enterprise, the technology-focus of many organizations looks set to continue for some time to come.