Why Your Company Needs Strategic Management Software


When it comes to preparing your business strategy, you may question whether your company really needs additional software. After all, businesses have run for decades by managing their strategy with simple tools. Yet watching the success of our clients, it is clear that yesterday’s methods are no longer effective for the modern competitive business landscape. Strategic planning today must be much more than a set of bullet points circulated through company email. To effectively compete in a world of on-demand, highly agile and always on competitors, strategy must be considered a vital part of any company’s technical toolbelt.

Business Isn’t What It Used To Be

Contrary to the Hollywood-images of big business, rarely does only one individual hold all or even most of the decision-making power. In the real world, an organization’s success is a team effort on every level. The truth is, successful strategies can arise from any division of a business, but there is rarely a solution in place to capture this vast wealth of information. Tools like our own StrategyBlocks Builder fill this missing niche while also serving to simplify strategy and better visualize results.

Competition is Fierce

Your competition isn’t down the road anymore; it’s across the globe. Their plans are better researched, better executed and more successful than ever before – and yours should be too. A recent Deloitte study found that 56 percent of executives believe their companies are not ready to meet today’s leadership needs. Many companies are responding, last year spending $31 billion on leadership development programs, and since 2015 alone spending on such programs has increased by 10 percent.

However, even the most well-trained leader needs to have a team with marching orders. Strategic management software ensures the entire team is marching to the beat of the same drum. StrategyBlocks follows a modified version of the Hoshin Kanri philosophy. This philosophy speaks to the collective strength of an organization and ensures people are accountable for continuous improvement.

Set Your Business Up For Success

The strategic planning process is a critical phase in the success of any business and as a result there are many opinions, techniques and approaches that can be employed. Strategic management software aids in distilling the most useful information into a simple step-by-step process, and delivers a list of well-balanced strategies which are tailored to the core vision. Both the research and real-world experience prove strategic management software is more than helpful – it is entirely necessary to run the well-oiled machine of a 2017 business.