3 steps to communicating a strategic plan


Company executives are often experts at crafting a strategic plan that can guide the business through its immediate development. However, these plans will only be effective if they can be communicated throughout an organization and reach a variety of different actors.

Failing to get this step right can significantly damage the profitability of a company. After all, poorly communicated strategy has the potential to be more harmful than having no strategy at all.

To help companies that are struggling with their strategic management, here are three steps that can ensure your next initiative reaches everyone it needs to.

Keep the message clear and transparent

One of the problems that many companies have is that their strategies are formulated at an executive level and contain a vast wealth of information that has featured in that decision. While this is valuable for companies looking to get more out of their operations, it isn’t necessarily a recipe for success.

Keeping this message concise and highly visual is going to be the only way for business leaders to truly realize the value of their work.

Invest in the right medium

Internal communication methods can be incredibly difficult for companies, especially when it comes to something complex like corporate strategy. Sending round an email or sharing people on a document might seem like an easy way to set up a strategic plan, but it isn’t going to be effective.

Instead, many companies are turning to strategy software to communicate these company plans effectively across their organization.

Measure the outcomes

The final step towards a better communication strategy for your company is to constantly measure and track the outcomes of your communication strategy. It can be tempting to just assume that communication efforts are working, but unless these are quantified there won’t be any way to know whether these are working effectively.

Tracking the changes in your organization that come from better internal communications can ensure that you are finding the best communication routes and tailoring your message to suit them.