Proud sponsor of the Chief Strategy Officer Summit


The Innovation Enterprise are hosting the Chief Strategy Officer Summit in London, UK on the 25–26th of April 2013. We are pleased to announce not only are we a proud partner for the summit but our directors Craig Catley (NZ) and Simon Lawerence (UK) will be attending to 2 day conference.

If you would like to meet us on the day we would be more than happy to have a chat to you about you and your business and how you think strategy software could help your business execute your business plan better.

Learn more about the strategy conference

Visit the website to read more about the conference.

Chief Strategy Officer Summit

Meet the StrategyBlocks directors

Learn a little bit more about Craig and Simon before attending the summit:

Feel free to approach us for a chat (it doesn’t have to be about StrategyBlocks) we’d love to meet you and hear more about what brought you to the conference. We hope to see you there!