Companies Not Keeping Up With New Technologies


A recent study has confirmed that many companies in Australia are struggling to provide their workers with the right tools to be effective in the workplace, with younger workers especially looking for new ways to work.

The survey from cloud infrastructure provider VMware found 43 per cent of employees do not feel that their employers are investing enough in technology which could help them perform better. Another 36 per cent felt current IT policies in their business are actually slowing them down when it comes to completing tasks.

What’s more, nearly three quarters of employees are now able to telecommute from home, with cloud-based technology like StrategyBlocks making it easier for staff to contribute to projects, no matter where they are situated.

This trend has also been met with greater acceptance by workers, with 42 per cent finding themselves more productive and less distracted when they are working at home.

These developments are most pronounced among young workers. A survey from the recruitment company Hays found Gen Y workers – those aged between 18 and 30 – are the most likely to pursue a flexible work arrangement, with half of those surveyed interested in flexible hours.

Hays also found that Gen Y workers are more likely to be aware of technology and its role in the workplace. In fact, 62 per cent of these workers reported technology is blurring the lines between their personal and professional lives.

As mobile technology and cloud services become more important, these developments will also have greater salience for younger workers. Companies that do not embrace new technologies and move into flexible working environments may in turn find themselves struggling to attract and engage a talented workforce.