Mobile Technologies Improving Australian Productivity


Mobile technology – the ability to access any information stored on the internet through a mobile device like a smart phone or tablet – is changing the face of Australian business. This announcement comes from the latest survey from the Australian Communications and Media Authority.

The study, which tracks the uptake of mobile across the last seven years, has uncovered some important trends in the way that this technology is aiding businesses.

In fact, the ability to access important information from any device has enabled Australian firms to increase their productivity by $33.8 billion in 2013. This represents a massive improvement in the way that businesses are able to do operate.

The single biggest reason for this increase in productivity has been the reduction in time spent accessing important information. With vital business information now stored on the cloud, it is possible to access company data from anywhere and across multiple devices.

As mobile becomes more common and companies need to embrace new solutions to keep on top of this trend. By investing in business strategy software and other cloud-based tools, it is possible to unlock the greater productivity that mobile is bringing to Australian businesses.

There were also a number of other trends to come out of the survey, especially around reducing business costs. In fact, 25 per cent of those firms surveyed as part of this study have found that business operating costs have dropped as a result of mobile uptake.

At the same time, the average costs for consumers of a mobile telecommunication connection has decreased considerably – down 21 per cent from 2006. This rapid reduction in costs makes it easier than ever for companies to provide mobile opportunities for staff who need to be connected to vital corporate information.