How to measure the health of your strategy


Developing and implementing a company strategy can be a difficult process to manage. After all, your business will face a range of different challenges that can affect its overall direction.

What’s more, it can be very hard to judge the progress of a company, either internally or externally, if there is no measure of the successes that a company has achieved. Traditional measures of a company’s health and progress like its revenue may not be able to reflect the complexity and depth of an organization’s operations.

To overcome these challenges, firms need to have systems in place that can keep tabs on the long term health of a company’s strategy and offer metrics that match these needs.

One tactic that an increasing number of firms are turning to is strategy software like StrategyBlocks. This gives CEOs and other executives an overview of how healthy each strategic initiative is and an easy way to identify if one area of the company is falling behind.

At the same time, strategy software lets you prioritize certain projects, assigning them greater or lesser value, depending on the importance of a certain aspect for the overall success of your company.

This level of detail is something that individuals will struggle to calculate themselves, making it very important for achieving a successful outcome for your business.

While strategy software is a great way to refine and develop your company’s profile, the success of this endeavor depends on strong core measures for your company’s success. Having the right KPIs in place to begin with will be essential for monitoring the development of your initiatives and can then be used to monitor strategy more effectively.

Strategic health is an area that every company needs to take seriously if it wants to build successful ongoing operations.