The Single Most Critical Change Required to Maximize your Corporate Strategy


Strategy as part of your culture

I have heard it a number of times, from different clients, when they say that “StrategyBlocks has formed part of the fabric of their organization”, or “part of their corporate culture”. Regardless of technology, it means the business has made an important step along the path of the strategic execution maturity model. I often try to find similarities between these organizations; is it their size (big or small, staff numbers or revenue), perhaps their industry is more mature, or perhaps it is a geographic advantage. However the reality is that it is none of these things, it is just not that simple.


What holds companies back?

Adopting a new technology (whether it is StrategyBlocks, or any other tool that measures performance) creates a certain degree of apprehension. But it has less to do with the technology and as we are all aware, more to do with the degree of change. Lets call it the fear of management accountability.

I am not suggesting that the majority of management teams are ducking for cover, attempting to evade any new method of performance management. People almost always want to do all they can to achieve the corporate goal. It is just that they don’t clearly understand what it is that is trying to be achieved and how it is going to be carried out. So when a new transformative change is launched we often see dysfunctional behavior appear. Individuals within the organizations passively refuse to “get on board”.

The problem starts from the top and is often caused by a “we want to test the waters” approach from executives. A partial commitment puts the organization on the slippery slope to generating mid-management uncertainty and organizational fear.


What is the key to success?

So what is it that makes some organizations different, and progress through to the next level? What have we seen that works to overcome this fear and uncertainty of management accountability?

  • Fully commit – If you are going to try a new approach, commit to it, there is no half measures if we want to make a significant transformational step forward.
  • Strong change driven leadership – The most senior members of the company must be seen to be driving change and just as importantly, actively measuring the results.
  • Be clear and transparent with the vision, direction and method – Share this information early to ensure teams have had time to process what it means; so when we move forward, we move as a team.
  • Have belief in the approach you have taken and don’t give up.

Overcoming this fear of transformation and accountability, is in our belief the turning point to achieving unparalleled strategic success. Having a corporate culture ready and willing to execute new strategic ideas is the ultimate point of differentiation.