Let’s Talk about the Numbers – Introducing Metrics Zone

A key ‘aha!’ moment when working with new customers is when they visualize the direct relationship between their outputs (directed strategic activities, the things that people do) and the specific outcomes (a key performance metrics or measure) that show the quantified result of those activities. Are we doing what we said we would do, and as a result are we ahead of target or behind target? But without having complete trust in the numbers and the knowledge that they have been updated very recently (in near real-time) they are effectively meaningless.

Point of Integration

It is a request which is becoming more and more common, “how can we push our numbers into StrategyBlocks automatically?”. Metrics Zone is the point of integration which allows us to retrieve structured data and load into the appropriate part of StrategyBlocks as you need it. We can load project completion data into leaf blocks, key performance indicator data into metrics, and risks into the risk register. It is the plumbing which creates a supply chain of trusted information, delivered in a timely fashion, without the need for manual intervention.

Prebuilt Logic

We need to first think about what those values are and where they are coming from. Often we can utilize existing “patterns” or schemas published for your underlying source applications. However if there is no pattern we have a team of data integration specialists that know how to find the data. Because we know exactly what format we need the data in, the transformation and loading into StrategyBlocks has already been done, reducing the time to deliver Metrics Zone integration. Of course all this can be delivered in the cloud for maximum convenience.


strategyblocks-metrics-zone- prebuilt-logic-image


So How Does the Process Work?

  1. We start by establishing secure remote connectivity and network access.
  2. We work with you to define the list of metrics (key performance indicators or project data) to be automatically loaded, ensuring source data is available to support each specific metric.
  3. If required we can complete a GAP analysis to highlight any missing source data.
  4. Metrics definitions, stewardship and any security considerations are implemented.
  5. Extraction is enabled and loaded through the StrategyBlocks application programing interface (API).
  6. Finally, we schedule and automate data uploads as required (daily, weekly, monthly etc).

Our approach is to start with the most critical business metrics needed to measure those key strategic goals to maximize return on investment.

If you want to know more about automated data loading and Metrics Zone, please contact us at info@strategyblocks.com, we would love to help.