Data security more of a business concern than ever


In the past, it would have been perfectly acceptable to leave the running of an enterprise’s technology infrastructure to the IT department. Today, with more cyberthreats than ever out there, the digital world plays a role in nearly every critical business decision and consequent strategy execution.

Security is an organizational issue

Organizational security is now such a big issue that there are entire events dedicated to finding new and innovative ways to fight against digital intrusions. To that end, the annual RSA Conference opened on April 20 in San Francisco, with business leaders from the US, Europe and Asia all in attendance.

Cybersecurity is becoming more of a problem across any enterprise, with the HR department, perhaps surprisingly, one area that’s struggling to keep up.

Joint research from RSA and ISACA explained that 82 per cent of organizations expect to be attacked at some point during 2015, yet 35 per cent feel they are not able to find the right people to fill vacant digital security-centric positions.

Moreover, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing Corporate Vice-president Scott Charney noted there is set to be a shift in the enterprise security market, as companies aim to ingrain the best digital practices across the organization, and not just in the IT department.

C-suite and boardrooms take notice

“The nature of more destructive cyberattacks has changed the conversation outside the security community and in the executive suites and boardrooms,” Mr Charney explained at the RSA Conference, as reported by ComputerWeekly.

Mr Charney also went to surmise that the onus will be on vendors to provide better solutions, as companies seek increased privacy and reliability in their security solutions.

Furthermore, as organizations look to leverage cloud technology, there is a desire for more transparency and control. When data is secured off-site, some companies may have adopted an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality.

However, as security threats become increasingly complex, and the potential fallout from any intrusion escalates, the need for the C-suite and boardroom to play an active role in the enterprises cybersecurity practices becomes apparent.