Corporate Politics Attacks Strategic Vision

Strategically Disengaged

We run into this time and time again while talking to businesses about the challenges they are facing when motivating their teams around the strategic plan, and aligning the organization around vision. We understand the concerns of change, as each of us have a way we go about delivering what is expected of us (lets call that our output), and people like the certainty of their work pattern. On occasion we see individuals who ignore the process of strategy completely, but more concerning are those who have actively disengaged, and are “actively” discrediting the strategic plan to anyone who will listen. At StrategyBlocks, we don’t believe the evolving strategy of the business should concern any member of staff; instead, it needs to be presented as an opportunity, through clear and concise communication of vision, driving alignment top to bottom and bottom to top.

The Traditional Approach to Planning

A big contributing problem is the classic, traditional approach to strategic planning. We have all been there: the “management offsite planning session”, plenty of flip charts, markers and colored Post-its. Which over time, may (or may not), form the basis of the strat plan. I don’t have a problem with it as an exercise, but I do have a problem with its frequency, and how the resulting vision and goals are disseminated.

I really could not have put it better than “Treat strategy as a journey, not an annual management junket” on the McKinsey and Company, Strategy & Corporate Finance Blog authored by Sven Smit, June 2018. It is a great read, take a look. Smit says:

“Corporate politics, cognitive biases, the sway of individual incentives—such challenges have long plagued strategy development, but while they are intractable, they are not insurmountable.”

Embracing Dynamic Strategy

It is critical for business survival that the strategic plan adapts and evolves to changing market circumstances. Business strategy needs to break free from the constraints of the past and become an agile dynamic process, fundamentally part of the fabric of any business. The StrategyBlocks solution encourages transparency and accountability, and takes the audience through the journey of strategic execution, telling the story of strategy along the way, and getting everyone on the same page.

We would enjoy the opportunity to discuss the challenges you are facing, please drop us a comment or an email.