Is Cloud Software Behind The Rise Of Teleworking?


As cloud solutions such as strategy software become increasingly popular, businesses around the world are experiencing new levels of flexibility and mobility.

That is perhaps one of the reasons behind the rise in remote working, as reported by one survey.

The Creative Group, a subsidiary of recruitment firm Robert Half, surveyed a range of executives from creative industries and found that there was a substantial increase in the number of employees working out of the office.

A third of respondents reported seeing an increase in the proportion of staff working remotely compared to three years ago. Only 4 per cent said they saw a drop in the number.

With regards to the reasons employers were happy to offer remote working as an incentive, the potential to improve morale and retention rates was cited as one of the top factors, claiming 19 per cent of responses.

Other reasons such as the cost efficiency of using less office space also scored highly.

The Creative Group’s Executive Director Diane Domeyer said that such a high rate of teleworking is only possible with the right technology.

“Remote working programs can be an effective and economical recruitment and retention tool, particularly among creative professionals who can work from just about anywhere if equipped with the right tools and technology,” she explained in a January 22 statement.

Adopting the right technology, therefore, can help your employees be more flexible with their work arrangements and boost productivity and morale.

Cloud software is one tool that can enhance your organization’s teleworking capabilities in a number of areas, such as strategic planning.

StrategyBlocks, for example, is based entirely on a cloud platform so your employees can track the strategy’s real-time progress anytime, anywhere.

It even comes with a dedicated smartphone app so your staff can work on the strategy while on the move!