Cloud computing can save businesses over 15 per cent in IT spending, says study


In addition to practical benefits such as increased flexibility, scalability and efficiency, one of the main benefits of cloud computing is the cost savings on offer.

Debate still rages in some circles whether cloud-based solutions or on-premise alternatives are more financially beneficial in the long run, but a new study aims to put that discussion to bed.

Computer Economics recently ran a comprehensive survey of organisations that have migrated most or all of their systems to the cloud and published the results in its ‘The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing’ report. What it found was that businesses that heavily invest in cloud computing can expect to see substantially bigger cost savings than those that don’t appreciate such systems.

According to the study’s findings, businesses that fully utilize cloud computing can expect to save, on average, around 15 per cent more on IT spending than their non-cloud counterparts. This figure applies regardless of whether spend is measured as a percentage of revenue or on a per-user basis.

The study also highlighted the fact that cost savings come not just in the reduced spending on data centres, but also lower costs involved in IT staff as well. In addition to the upfront monetary savings, businesses that invest in cloud solutions can take advantage of more indirect, long term cost benefits such as increased agility and speed, according to Computer Economics.

Any organisation that isn’t fully tapping into the benefits of the cloud may therefore want to consider moving some of their business processes – such as strategic planning – to cloud solutions.

Strategy mapping software such as StrategyBlocks allows a highly visual, cloud-based framework for strategic management that encourages everyone to get involved in the process.