Australian organizations strategically embrace the cloud


The infrastructure as a service (iaas) cloud model is growing in popularity. More organizations are looking to farm out the running of their systems to third parties, leaving them more time to actually focus on meeting business objectives, rather than IT infrastructure.

While there can be little denying that such systems have benefits at the enterprise level, are enough Australian organizations utilizing them?

Australian organizations and the cloud

The latest findings from Gartner suggest that the answer is yes, but there needs to be more competition between vendors to really boost the popularity of iaas systems. Currently, Microsoft and Amazon are the big market players, globally.

Rivalry from smaller firms will likely bring about better products, and could ultimately lead to more organizations relying on third parties to effectively run the back-end of their systems.

In Australia, more businesses are thinking strategically about cloud technologies, as the country’s fluctuating economy has led to businesses adopting “a greater focus on spending less and driving more value” than its peers, according to research director at Gartner Michael Warrilow.

Agility and scalability

Ultimately, technology is playing a bigger role in Australian companies strategic planning. The need for a two-pronged approach – one which focuses equally on agility and security – is the biggest challenge.

Cloud technology – and iaas systems – can help in both of those areas, and as such, their popularity is set to be driven further.

Figures collated by ReportsnReports suggest that the iaas market will experience an explosion of growth to the end of the decade, with expansion reaching 42.9 per cent by 2019. In value terms, statistics from Gartner show that the market for the cloud-based solutions could hit US$36.6 billion in just three years.

As global popularity of iaas increases, organizations across Australia look set to approach the model with some trepidation, but those companies that do implement such a system will likely feel the benefits sooner rather than later.