Australia Third In Asia-Pacific For Cloud Infrastructure


While individual companies are rapidly moving into the cloud computing space and embracing technology like cloud-based strategic planning software, there is still a need for countries to invest in the infrastructure and support to make the most of cloud technologies.

Fortunately, an annual study released earlier this year by the Asia Cloud Computing Association (ACCA) suggests that Australia is well ahead of regional competitors when it comes to cloud infrastructure.

In the study, Australia achieved third place in the maturity of its cloud computing development. Only Japan and New Zealand achieved higher rankings, taking first and second place respectively.

What’s more impressive about Australia’s score is the significant growth it has recorded, compared to earlier reports from the ACCA. In this year’s survey, the country increased its ranking by four places, improving against the 14 countries included in the study.

Among the reasons the research pointed to for these high rankings was the innovative approaches leading countries had developed to promote domestic interest in cloud computing.

At the same time, the rapid increase in ranking that both Australia and New Zealand have recorded can be partly explained by the commitment of both governments to moving services online. The ACCA suggested uptake in the public sector would also serve to boost investment from private companies, leading to greater uptake across the board.

Among the categories that Australia did well in for the survey, freedom of information and data centre risk were ranked as a 9.6 and 9.4 respectively. Areas like intellectual property protection and the electricity grid were also ranked highly in the study.

As more businesses in the country adopt cloud-based frameworks for their operations, and individuals become more accustomed to internet-based technology, these developments are only going to  grow in popularity.