4 Ways To Make Your Organization More Transparent


It is becoming increasingly expected for businesses to be transparent in all their operations, including everything from decision making to strategic planning. When everyone within an organization is on the same page and up to speed on the latest developments, leaders can expect greater harmony throughout.

If you think your own company could be doing better in terms of maintaining visibility across staff, what are some steps you can take?

1. Communicate

The essence of transparency is in maintaining good communication. If there is something your employees should know, let them know it. Withholding relevant information can be construed as lying, so be open and honest at all times.

Communication shouldn’t be one way either – encourage employees across the organization to provide feedback when and where they see fit.

2. Close the gap between organizational levels

Many employees are hesitant to speak up to upper management, which can prove to be a roadblock to your organization’s development.

Make sure employees are aware they can approach leaders at any time, and ensure all the relevant people are invited for input in major decisions.

3. Break down barriers between departments

As well as closing down the gap between vertical levels, your organization should also foster collaboration across departments.

Your company’s marketing function, for example, relies heavily on the information its accounting people hold, so make sure communication is facilitated between relevant areas of your business.

4. Use the right technology tools

With a host of new technological developments such as cloud computing, being transparent has never been easier.

Business strategy software such as StrategyBlocks, for example, allows your organization to invite everyone across the organization to have a say in its strategic planning and keep tabs on how it is progressing.